• What is your pricing? 

This is the number one question we get asked! A lot goes into pricing...experience, style, quality of equipment, over all experience and so much more! It would be easy to post a few packages here, but we find many times that just leads to more questions so while we want to go over pricing with you, we would much rather do that in person in our studio. This is all part of what we call the Justin Yoder Studios Experience and it starts with a glass of wine, Jack and Coke or beverage of your choice as we get to know each other. I want to know how you met, how the proposal went down, what you do for a living, hear about your wedding day and so on. This gives you a great chance to get to know me, after-all, you will be spending about the whole day with your photographer, do you really want to book a photographer without meeting him/her?

With all that said we have three main packages starting at $4,815 for photography and $2,800 for cinema packages, that our clients love; however, we do have a build your own package option so you get exactly want you want in a package. 

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  • Do you work with a second photographer?

Not only do we use a second photographer at our weddings, but we use professional, well established second photographers. These are photographers just looking to build their portfolio or just getting into the business, they are seasoned professionals with a style that matches ours!

  • Do you edit all of our photos?

Yes, we do! Our highly trained team puts love into each of the images. All images are color corrected, cropped and sharpened as needed. We also select a few favorites for special attention to give them a signature edit above and beyond the individual image edit. 

  • Do you travel for engagement sessions or weddings? 

While I am based in Dallas, Texas not only do I travel, but I LOVE to travel! Want to elope and have a intimate wedding in Glacier National Park, I'm there! What to have a massive wedding in the south of France, I'm there! Want to do a engagement session in California, I'm there! I have traveled to Florida, Montana, California, Belize, Cape Town and many other places for those couples with a little adventure in them!

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  • You do photography and cinema, how and why?

A few years ago I would just shoot photography or video for a wedding, but soon realized, unfortunately, not all photographers or videographers played nice together. In fact, I had some deliberately ruin shots for me. I couldn't believe this! We are all on the same team working for the same goal, why act this way? I solution was to bring on a team and offer both on at the same time. My crew is amazing! We work well together, know what each other is thinking and stay out of each others shots and in the end, ultimately gives you a better finished product! 

  • Do you have any past clients who I can speak to as a reference? 

I can totally understand why you would ask this, but lets face it, any reference I would give you would be biased, of course I would pick ones that would speak highly of me. Plus, I respect my clients as paying clients and not marketers for my business. However, for reviews you can simply check out WeddingWire, my Facebook page or my Google ratings. 

  • What is your turn around time?

While most businesses are 6-8 weeks for photos and 6-10 months for video, we pride ourselves in the Justin Yoder Studios Experience and part of that is doing our best to turn photos around in 2-3 weeks and videos in 8-12 weeks!