It seems like these days, anyone who buys an "expensive" camera thinks they are automatically a great photographer when that couldn't be further from the truth. Just like if I purchased a great paint set and brushes, that doesn't make me a great painter! After all, you wouldn't hire a baker based on how great of an oven they have! Listed below are some of the things that make our studio different from others that may help you in your search for the right photographer!

We Truly Love What We Do

When I started Justin Yoder Studios in 2010, it wasn't because I was wanting to start the latest and greatest business venture that would make me loads of money. It was because a friend asked me to photograph her wedding which lead to a friend of hers wanting me to photograph their wedding. Before long, I was getting paid to do something I loved and the bonus was getting to see joy and excitement on clients' faces when they saw their photos for the first time. Believe it or not, I actually become friends with most of my clients because we have so much fun working together!

Turn Around Time

Any other photographer I know will tell you their turn around time is at least 6 - 8 weeks! I have to be kidding, right? Well, just ask them. Imagine this, the most important day of your life filled with love, excitement, family and friends and now you have to wait 2 months to see the photos! We highly believe in giving you a world class experience so you will receive your online gallery of digital negatives within 3 weeks and sneak peeks the next day! If you do a Day Of Slideshow...well...let us blow your mind with the next point below. 

Day Of Slideshows

Imagine it. The day you have always dreamed of is here! You just had a beautiful ceremony where a few tears of joy were shed and family and friends cheered as you just married the love of your life. You go the reception hand in hand where everyone celebrates with you. You have your first dance to that special song you picked out. Your friends share heartfelt toasts and you cut the cake together which just might have turned into a frosting battle in which your nose obviously was defeated! And then, as your guest are enjoy the cake and the master of ceremonies announces for you and your love to to come forward for a special slideshow. The lights dim, your friends and family think they are about to watch the classic slideshow of you two as kids and your dating years, the music starts and before you and all your guests, you start to see stunning images from your wedding! Images of you seeing each other for the first time, images of you walking down the aisle, images of your love wiping tears of joy from your face, images of your first kiss, images of you dancing for the first time as spouses, images of you cutting the cake and your nose getting covered in frosting. You both as well as your guests all smile, laugh and wipe the tears from their eyes in pure joy for the two of you while being completely blown away that at the reception, they all were able to see professional photos of your wedding day! Yes, I've been called crazy and insane by other photographers for doing these, but Day Of Slideshows are my favorite part of the day! Check out a few examples below!   


High End Albums

Ours albums are hand-made fine art albums for couples who desire a luxury item. Our albums are white gloved inspected, bound in real Italian leathers,  made in the USA and have crushed velvet liners...truly a piece of art that will last for generations. We are not afraid to say there are way cheaper albums available, but this isn't the Justin Yoder Studios experience! Our focus is giving you an experience you will never forget and that includes our world-class albums and products. Numerous times couples have walked into our studio for a consultation thinking they didn't want an album and then ended up not only choose our studio for their photography, but also choosing our large 12"x18" album which spans three feet when open!