Nasher Sculpture Center Shoot

When Mark first contacted me about doing a shoot for him and his wife I could tell they were people I wanted to work with! Mark is from South Africa and married Rylie three years ago. Unfortunately, they were less than pleased with their wedding photos (taken by another photographer) so for their anniversary Mark decided to gift his wife a photoshoot and choose me to do it!

They wanted it shot at the Nasher Sculpture Center in Dallas so I set it up! We were able to shoot in the morning before they opened so we had the whole place to ourselves and we had a blast! Check out some of the images in the gallery below!


Washington Engagement Shoot

It's a chilly day here in Dallas, but Spring will soon be here and wedding season will be back in full swing. As we look forward to warm, Spring weather, we decided to look back at an engagement session we did last Spring in Pullman, Washington. Ashley and Thomas are from Dallas and will be getting married here. Currently, they live in Washington and wanted to do their engagement shoot there so they could include their dog and horse. We were all about it! From stunning sunsets with rolling hills to Washington State University, we hit some amazing locations!ts a chilly day here in Dallas, but spring will soon be here and wedding season will be back in full swing. As we look forward to warm spring weather we decided to look back at an engagement session we did last spring in Pullman, Washington! Ashley and Thomas will be getting married in Dallas where they are from, but currently, live in Washington and wanted to do their engagement shoot there so they could include their dog and horse and we were all about it! From stunning sunsets with rolling hills to Washington State University, we hit amazing locations!




Diner En Blanc Dallas - 2015

Imagine you are going on a date with your significant other, but this date is significantly different. Your attire must be completely white. You don’t know where it will be. You have to bring your own table, decorations and food, and about 1,600 other people will be joining you.  On September 17th, many people loved this idea, and flocked to an event called "Diner en Blanc".  It started 27 years ago in Paris and has grown to be a worldwide event. In Paris, around 15,000 people participate each year. Dallas' inaugural "Diner en Blanc" sold out quickly as they hosted 1,600 eager guests. They are already selling tickets for next year!
I was the lead photographer for the event and was amazed at how much people got into it! People brought elegant towers of white cupcakes, detailed place settings, fancy floral arrangements, musicians and much, much more! Jason Esquire was the DJ and kept things lively.  Apothic White was the wine sponsor and Pyrotex set off a fireworks show that amazed everyone!
Check out event photos below and if you want more details about next years go to


Day of Slideshow

Being a wedding photographer in the Dallas/Ft Worth area can be very challenging for a long list of reasons. I am not going to get into those reasons, but I am going to share one of the key things I do differently to separate myself from the rest: Day of Slideshows.
So, you might be wondering, "What is a Day of Slideshow?" First, it’s pure awesomeness! Second, I shoot the wedding like any other wedding with my second shooter. Then, usually around half way through the reception, I disappear while my second shooter takes over. While I am out of the room, I am able to quickly download all the photos I’ve taken up to that point onto my laptop, sort out a bunch of the best ones, and create a stunning slideshow. I then return to the reception and play it…right there at your reception!
Every time I do this, everyone is simply amazed! People are laughing and crying and in shock they are actually seeing photos at the wedding of the wedding when most photographers are making their clients wait 6-8 weeks!
Justin Yoder Studios will always strive to be a cutting edge photography and videography service. We hope we have the opportunity to show you just how dynamic we are!  Check out one of our Day of Slideshows below!

Why Hire a Professional?

I know, of course I am going to say photography is the most important vendor on your wedding day, but it is. Honestly. Not just because I am a photographer. Couples who are having North Texas weddings (or a wedding anywhere for that matter) have so many decisions to make. The choices for food, venues, and wedding planners are endless. You want it to be affordable and yet the best because a bride deserves her big day to be magical.
Consider this.  It's the day after the wedding.  What is left? The food has been eaten. The venue is cleared out. The flowers are dying (most likely in a trash can). The guest are gone. The tux has been returned and you are left with your new husband/wife, wedding rings, maybe a cake topper and a bunch of memories that will soon fade over time.... unless, of course, you were wise, and invested in one of Dallas’ top wedding photographers.
As a Dallas wedding photographer, I know full well the importance of capturing your wedding in a way that will keep your wedding day memories alive for generations to come. Dallas wedding photography and Dallas weddings are a huge market.  Remember that you are not simply paying someone to show up for eight hours, take photos, and leave. You are paying for their gift, their eye, their customer service, their editing time (which is way longer than shooting a wedding day), their expensive equipment, training, experience, and so much more.
So, if you are engaged and wanting to serve your guests $60-per-person steak meals but only have $1,500 for a wedding photographer remaining in your budget, know that the old cliche is true. You will only get what you pay for.   That $60 steak might be a nice meal for a single evening, but maybe those funds are better off being invested in a $3,500+ wedding photographer who will help keep those joyous memories alive for years to come.

Same-Sex Marriage Legalized

On Friday, June 26, 2015 a historic decision was announced from the Supreme Court that same-sex marriages would now be legal. The decision was a cause for great celebration for many and was very troubling for others. One thing that will always bear true at Justin Yoder Studios is that we celebrate love. It doesn’t matter to us if you are Christian or atheist, gay or straight, black or white, when a person falls in love and they decide to join their lives together in marriage, we believe there is much to be celebrated!
We have already photographed a few same-sex weddings and engagements, but we know that now, with it being legal, we will see a large increase in them and we welcome them! Many other photographers and wedding vendors probably won’t and honestly, I don’t get bent out of shape over it. I believe people who have worked hard to build their business should have the right to serve whoever they want. For us, we are thrilled to provide anyone with outstanding service and stunning photos.
If you are gay or lesbian couple in need of a wedding photographer in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, (or anywhere because we gladly travel) contact us and let us celebrate your love and create memories that will last for generations to come!