May the 4th be With You: A “Things We Love” Themed Wedding Includes Star Wars!

When Eric and Zylo approached me about photographing their wedding, I knew this was a couple I wanted to work with! Creativity poured out of them and then, I learned about their passion for Star Wars and it all went to an entirely new level!

Stormtroopers, R2D2 as the ring bearer, and Darth Vader showed up with a lightsaber knife to cut the cake. To add to it all, the sky was from another world! If you are interested in having an authentic Star Wars character at your wedding or event, contact the 501st Legion / North Texas Squad! Eric and Zylo are both a part of it, and they work to brighten the lives of those less fortunate. (

Below are a few question I had for the happy couple!

- What was the theme of your wedding and why Star Wars?

"Well our actual theme was 'Things we love' - one of which is Star Wars was. It was the predominant aspect for a couple of reasons. We are both big geeks, lovers of all things fantasy and sci-fi and Star Wars is something that we have enjoyed together over the years since meeting. We are also both members of the 501st Legion and are Stormtroopers ourselves making appearances for charities and events. There was also an element of theater that it brought to the wedding and it allowed us to create some really awesome and unforgettable moments for us and our guests. We wanted to create an experience that was both epic and intimate and we felt we achieved that."

- What was the most memorable part of your wedding?

Eric "Well, aside from getting to marry the love of my life, it was getting to tell Zylo exactly how I felt about him in my own words and seeing his face as he heard what I had written for the first time. I’m so glad we made that a part of our ceremony. Getting to express my love and then hearing him express his in front of so many people we love was so incredibly beautiful and I still tear up when thinking about it."

Zylo: "My favorite moments were when we were alone out in the nature doing the photos, especially on the walkway over the water - that alone time to just be in the moment just the 2 of us - and you captured it beautifully. We are glad we did the photos just before the wedding. It was great to just be calm and really be present and aware... which made a difference for us the rest of the night and made the evening all the better."

 -What advice would you give those planning their wedding?

"Break traditions! I love that our wedding was still elegant and beautiful but fun and unexpected. You can do both. There was so much joy and laughter. Doing an evening dinner made it more intimate and the Star Wars moments were intentionally planned at key moments as we didn’t want it to turn into a kids birthday party. It also made it feel more about the dinner and bringing people together... and our ceremony came after people had a chance to really interact with each other and get to know one another. I liked that aspect too. And have a wedding planner so you can enjoy the night and a great photographer - if you have an epic wedding, you need a photographer who can capture it. And we did."



Photography: Justin Yoder Studios -

Venue: Trinity River Audubon Center -

Lighting: Muse Lighting Design -

Truffles: The Truffle Cottage - 

Floral: 21Parc Floral -

Characters: 501st Legion / North Texas Squad -

Catering: Bolsa -

Justin Yoder