Cape Town: A Shoot Like No Other

This past summer, I had the opportunity to travel to Africa for the 9th time!  I will be writing a blog about most of the trip that was spent in Zimbabwe later on, but I want to share about visiting Cape Town and a shoot I did there in this blog. Cape Town is a remarkable place full of life and things to do. There are vineyards, shark diving, penguins, beaches, restaurants, fresh seafood, Table Mountain, hiking, paragliding, shopping, and so much more and yet everything is pretty inexpensive compared to here in the States. I ate at a fine steakhouse for $16 including the tip one night! And an Uber is always close by to get you around for about half the price of here in Dallas.
One of the big reasons I went to Cape Town after Zimbabwe was to do a photoshoot with Lisa and Matthew. While they aren’t engaged yet, they have been together for 7 years and make a great couple! We started the shoot off around some very colorful houses and soon worked our way to the beach. We had the mountains, the beach and a beautiful sunset that all led to a unique photoshoot compared to what I normally do in Dallas!
Check out a few of the photos from this amazing shoot in Cape Town, South Africa below and keep an eye out for a future blog about Zimbabwe and the work we did there!