Day of Slideshow

Being a wedding photographer in the Dallas/Ft Worth area can be very challenging for a long list of reasons. I am not going to get into those reasons, but I am going to share one of the key things I do differently to separate myself from the rest: Day of Slideshows.
So, you might be wondering, "What is a Day of Slideshow?" First, it’s pure awesomeness! Second, I shoot the wedding like any other wedding with my second shooter. Then, usually around half way through the reception, I disappear while my second shooter takes over. While I am out of the room, I am able to quickly download all the photos I’ve taken up to that point onto my laptop, sort out a bunch of the best ones, and create a stunning slideshow. I then return to the reception and play it…right there at your reception!
Every time I do this, everyone is simply amazed! People are laughing and crying and in shock they are actually seeing photos at the wedding of the wedding when most photographers are making their clients wait 6-8 weeks!
Justin Yoder Studios will always strive to be a cutting edge photography and videography service. We hope we have the opportunity to show you just how dynamic we are!  Check out one of our Day of Slideshows below!