Amber & Katie: Filming a Lesbian Wedding


Amber & Katie: Filming a Lesbian Wedding

Some wedding venues are amazing to film at, some are not.  When I first saw Dec on Dragon I knew it was a winner! Amber and Katie knew they had picked a great venue for their wedding and reception, but what they didn't realize is how much of a gem it was to capture on film.

These two girls are ridiculously cute and even more beautiful on the inside as the outside! At first, they just wanted their wedding ceremony filmed, but once I saw how they interacted together and saw their unique reception venue of Dec on Dragon in Dallas, Texas, I knew they needed a cinematic short film. They went for it!

As a result, Amber and Katie now have a treasured wedding film capturing their moment in time.  Have a look, you'll be glad you did.

Wedding Reception at Dec on Dragon

Amber + Katie: Short from Justin Yoder Studios on Vimeo.