Guest Blog: Muse Lighting Design

There's a reason why Broadway shows and other theatrical productions make extensive use of creative lighting.  There is a method to the madness behind the massive lighting rigs at arena concerts.   The fact is that good lighting enhances the audience's emotional response to the performance.  It inspires excitement.  It injects passion.  It projects heartache but can also feel joyously triumphant.
Creative event lighting is the unsung hero of crafting a genuinely memorable event.
"But Patrick!", you say, "My DJ is bringing his lights.  We're all good."
Perhaps.  I love DJs.  They are, hands down, the heartbeat of any wedding.  They expertly and professionally guide the party to a land of audio wonder and dancing.  They MC and rock the mic as professional entertainers.  Too frequently, however, their execution of lighting seems to be lacking. Some DJs will throw a few uplights against a wall and mount a couple cheeseball\flashy fixtures to their speaker stands and call it a day.  This will be the same look - one similar to a Junior High Spring Dance - for the rest of your evening.  It's not their fault, though!  They are there to DJ! They don't have time to think about the finer details of proper and engaging lighting when their job is to provide your wedding's soundtrack.  I'll honestly tell you that I wouldn't have the mental capacity to run a full light show and DJ at the same time.
In this same line of thought, a lot of wedding vendors have an available lighting add-on option.  This is because they know the great value of having specialized lighting at a wedding.  Keep in mind that these vendors also have their primary jobs to do as well.  Their main focus isn't the lighting.
Dynamic lighting provided by a lighting designer turns any bland ceremony or reception into an event.  It feels special.  It is dramatic.  It is more than simple uplighting.  There is so much more that great event lighting can accomplish than coloring a few pillars at the reception.
At Muse Lighting Design , we believe that events are fluid.  We feel that lighting should change based on the different activities at your wedding.   Dinner will be intimate and enchanting.  The first dance will be lovely.  The toasts will be highlighted.  The dance floor will be epic.  Without a lighting designer with strong programming skills and event experience, you'll end up with the same look (a nd cheeseball\flashy effects) through every moment of your wedding.   Our sole purpose is to create stunning and vibrant looks for your event using professional lighting equipment and one of the most advanced (and portable) lighting consoles available.
Arranging for great lighting (with a dedicated lighting designer) is arguably the most sure-fire way to add a sense of sophistication and decadence - or fun and whimsy.   The choice, as always, is yours.
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