Why Hire a Professional?

I know, of course I am going to say photography is the most important vendor on your wedding day, but it is. Honestly. Not just because I am a photographer. Couples who are having North Texas weddings (or a wedding anywhere for that matter) have so many decisions to make. The choices for food, venues, and wedding planners are endless. You want it to be affordable and yet the best because a bride deserves her big day to be magical.
Consider this.  It's the day after the wedding.  What is left? The food has been eaten. The venue is cleared out. The flowers are dying (most likely in a trash can). The guest are gone. The tux has been returned and you are left with your new husband/wife, wedding rings, maybe a cake topper and a bunch of memories that will soon fade over time.... unless, of course, you were wise, and invested in one of Dallas’ top wedding photographers.
As a Dallas wedding photographer, I know full well the importance of capturing your wedding in a way that will keep your wedding day memories alive for generations to come. Dallas wedding photography and Dallas weddings are a huge market.  Remember that you are not simply paying someone to show up for eight hours, take photos, and leave. You are paying for their gift, their eye, their customer service, their editing time (which is way longer than shooting a wedding day), their expensive equipment, training, experience, and so much more.
So, if you are engaged and wanting to serve your guests $60-per-person steak meals but only have $1,500 for a wedding photographer remaining in your budget, know that the old cliche is true. You will only get what you pay for.   That $60 steak might be a nice meal for a single evening, but maybe those funds are better off being invested in a $3,500+ wedding photographer who will help keep those joyous memories alive for years to come.